Stage fright nativity angelsI spent years avoiding reading out loud, speaking in public, presenting at meetings, even applauding and cheering at concerts or performances was embarrassing to me.

This fear of being in ‘the spotlight’ followed me around like a bad smell! Click here to read all about my early story of stage fright. 

And today? I have found a way to clear this fear completely, in fact I now WANT to be in the spotlight so I can share this with you.

It really is possible to get your “Stage Mojo back? YES! You CAN learn how master your emotional state, learn to become comfortable when speaking, acting, performing and reading in public. You can discover how to build your self-confidence and grow to enjoy presenting, playing your role or your instrument. If you’re a singer, you’ll be pitch perfect, an actor you’ll remember every line, for what ever reason you’re in front of an audience you’ll be able to put all the right emotions into your performance and make the impact you want to make.

I’ve gone from programming computers to de-programming people!

Marion Bevington Stage Fright Away

You can discover how to not just calm your nerves but you can gain real control over them! Performing, playing and even become the best speech maker in your family!

I have benefited from and gone on to learn and teach some brilliant techniques and processes, that are simple to do and powerfully effective, you’ll be able to stay composed, grow in confidence and always get your message and your point across, in a way that really connects with your audience making them engage with you, listen maybe learn, and definitely smile!

Growing up with 4 brothers, as the only sister, brings out more than just the boss in you…

Public Speaking Coach and Mentor, Health Coach, Yoga teacher and FUN therapist!

Clearing your blocks to success and fun, that maybe stage fright, fear of failure or even fear of success… With proven, powerful tools and techniques to allow you to find your why, achieve more and be free, fulfilled and fabulous!

Coaching and mentoring business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in profitable business growth, public speaking and communication skills and video know how, I’ve also developed a suit of programs to teach Yoga to computer users and desk bound city workers, helping release stress and stiffness from body and mind.

Some of the fun work I love… My work includes training therapists, entrepreneurs, business owners how to evolve personally, to improve, transform and expand their businesses at the same time. My private client base benefit from personalised treatment planning using a tailored approach to remove the blocks to serious success and transformation.

After almost 25 years in a career problem solving in the I.T. arena, I found the problems caused by stress in the workplace where some of the most difficult to solve and meant life stopped being fun! So I began to explore ways to relieve and manage those stresses and strains brought about by the pressure of life today.

In 2000 my health began to deteriorate, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition affecting the thyroid and then the eyes so my quest for healing shifted to a much more profound level… As I have succeeded with my own personal health transformation I now want to share the knowledge and wisdom I have been lucky enough to discover on my journey.  And you’ll be as amazed as I was to find just how much power you have at your fingertips when you know how!

Over the past 7 years I have been developing and providing rapid techniques to transform stage fright, fear of public speaking and performance anxiety.  Stage Fright Away and The Speak-Easy Solution began as an idea in 2010, dreamt up by me, Marion Bevington, a Professional Public Speaking Coach & Yoga teacher, providing high quality, effective services to hundreds of people since then.

I love what I do and it’s drawn from a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting edge modern scientific technologies, to offer transformational experiences for reducing stress, removing blocks to expand happiness & abundance in all areas of life.

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