How to do Polished, Persuasive Presentations everytime!

How do you become a great at public speaking?

Whether you want to present to, perform for or give speeches to your chosen audiences…

I’ve discovered that there are five key skills to focus on, in order to become confident, captivating, even a celebrated when performing, presenting or speaking in front of your audience. So there are five key skills – and the NUMBER 2 area is…


You need is to have control, by that I mean you have to be able to control your emotions, curb your anxiety and manage your stress.

Whether that’s public speaking to give a speech at a wedding, or family gathering, or maybe at school, presenting at college or work, or are you doing a concert or any kind of on stage performance?

Whatever the event, whenever you speak in public, you must learn how to control your emotional state. public speaking

And if you don’t you may be nervous, panicked or even scared. You won’t be convincing, your message will be weak and you can really mess up!
public speaking fear

Your presentation will be dull or rushed or both! You’ll be prone to forgetting what your supposed to say.

When your emotional state is out of control you start to sweat – go weak at the knees and even become a trembling mess, who can’t toast the bride if that’s your job, you can’t even keep the Champagne in your glass!

And then there’s the sweating, lots of it, dripping down your face and your body, your hands are cold and wet, your heart pounding in your chest, your blood pressure is sky high and your face is so much more than blushing, if they put the lights off you’d glow in the dark! This is not public speaking – it’s public lighting! public speaking

Now in this state the last thing you want to see is phones and video camersas – capturing you in this state – it’s enough to make your blood boil – Oh it already is!  You start to feel paranoid and the stress and panic gets stronger – and your heart is really pounding now – you begin to worry you’re going to have a heart attack!

And…when you do manage to deliver a few words, they are shaky, you’re stuttering, umming and erring and almost incoherent, this is not public speaking this is public humiliation! And – all the great ideas you had have gone – your mind is a complete blank. public speaking

The audience become restless, twitching in their seats, wondering how long they’ll have to endure this… And you can feel their discomfort and it adds to yours. As if you didn’t have enough already!

Can even develop into a full blown panic attack!

You’ll probably never get your message across if you do stay and if you do it will be weak, unconvincing, and may create a backlash against any new ideas you are proposing.

Fear of Public Speaking and Social Phobia

sweating a lot while public speakingMost people with stage fright or fear of public speaking (glossophobia) get stuck focusing on themselves, struggling against anxiety in a vain effort to avoid it or get rid of it. This can result an almost mediocre performance, but more often than not a dull and boring presentation, it may be WITHOUT anxiety, but you will not get your message across, you’ll have no impact and your audience probably won’t remember what you shared with them, a waste of their time and yours!

So to avoid anxiety, don’t involved the audience, they may distract you or slow you down, you can hurry through it, keeping it dull, maybe even just reading it and not looking at the audience. This means you don’t establish any connection with your audience, which will make you feel more lonely and isolated up there. It means you won’t get any encouragement or show of interest from them, which would help you to relax and calm down. It means you are just up there by yourself, struggling with your own inner critic.

You may just have to run and leave your audience startled by your swift departure!

This all requires some serious change for you to become and calm when public speaking. Changes to habituated behaviours and responses. Fortunately when using the amazing technique that actually rewires the brain you can be transformed to become calm, composed and even celebrated.

Well Remember I said I’ve discovered that there are FIVE key skills to focus on?

Do you really want to transform your stage fright, to become confident, captivating, even a celebrated when performing, presenting or speaking in front of your audience?

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