Stage Fright

What is stage fright?

If, when you stand in front of a class, a group or an audience, you get nervous, your palms get cold and sweaty; your knees shake and weaken; your arms become very heavy and maybe feel out of control; your heart beats so fast and hard you think there is something really wrong with you; your eyes don’t work; your mouth is so dry that your tongue sticks to your mouth and teeth and your mind goes completely blank…

That’s stage fright. It’s something that lots of people experience from time to time. Even experienced actors, musicians and presenters. And although stage fright can be very challenging if it’s been your experience, the good news is that you can overcome it. There are a few pointers you can use in the free eBook, but when you go on to work through the complete Stage Fright Away™  program, The Speak-Easy Solution™. I’m here to tell you that you can take control and turn your stage fright around. You can learn to be captivating, confident and celebrated every time you grace the stage!

What is Stage Fright Away?

At Stage Fright Away™ you’ll discover Freedom from Stage Fright, Fear of Public Speaking and all kinds of Performance Anxiety – Fast!

Learn how to take stage by storm! Release fear, tension and negative emotions. Stage fright away has a program that will hep you to take back control of your emotional state, you’ll discover exactly how to be free of the anxiety, fear and panic that normally accompanies stage fright. The program contains some cutting edge techniques that are proven to remove the internal programming that is filling you with stage fright!

The main Stage Fright Away™ technique you’ll learn is a type of psychological acupressure. I use it all the time in my practice, and for me and my clients it is the fastest and most powerful way to optimise your emotional state.

The technique is based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but no needles! There is a lot of scientific evidence emerging about this ancient Eastern wisdom, and the electromagnetic energy that flows through the body and regulates your emotional state (among many other things) is now fully recognised in the West.**

The stage fright away program will help you to clear and “short-circuit” the “Stage Fright Cycle” and restore your mind and body’s balance.

The Stage Fright Cycle

Clinical trials have shown that this technique is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of events and situations that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself.

And one of the best parts about this is they can free you of the need to use medication, most of which have a long list of serious side effects.

Empowering you to speak your truth with confidence.

Learn how to be captivating, confident and celebrated every time you grace the stage!
When you have total control over your emotional state you can go on to master Professional Public Speaking skills, deliver amazing speeches and presentations to make your audience think, learn and laugh!

You can leave a legacy your audience will always remember, for all the right reasons!

I’m a Professional Public Speaking Coach, providing rapid and powerful techniques to transform
Stage Fright, Fear of Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety.

stage fright mind goes blank glossophobiaMillions of adults suffer from Glossophobia (fear of speaking in public), shyness, anxiety and even panic disorders that affect their ability to speak to groups of people (sometimes just to one other person).

If this sounds like you, then I know that everyday life can be very challenging, and much more than most people realise. There is the dreadful fear of so many situations and events always hanging over you, and just the thought of the panic and the physical symptoms is bad enough. But it can all be even more difficult to deal with when you feel like no one else understands what’s going on.

There are certain stigmas that society has created for anxiety sufferers, but thankfully there are even more opportunities to overcome anxiety.

Here at Stage Fright Away™ you’ll discover simple and power techniques for people with stage fright, performance anxiety and Glossophobia to help them selves.

I know just how annoying hearing “calm down” is. The last thing that will calm you down when you are anxious is telling you to “calm down.”  In fact, it may make the situation worse.  Some research suggests that trying to calm yourself during the middle of an anxiety attack can actually increase the original emotional response in the moment. As a result, by trying not to be afraid, the sufferer may experience a more intensified reaction to what’s making them fearful.

You can deal with the fear in a more effective way.

Instead of encouraging someone with anxiety to calm down, I’m offering support, I have a lot of Stage fright Away Free eBookunderstanding and know it’s a bad strategy to tell someone to ‘calm down’ — mostly because it doesn’t help you to understand how you can do that. I know that if you could calm down, you would — it’s a very simplistic view of emotion. To get some fun and practical tips and techniques from Stage Fright Away™  Click here. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of just what is going on and how to use proven techniques to change the way you feel for ever.

When you have learned how to regain your calm and presence when speaking or presenting; the next step is to learn how to build your stage presence and your public speaking skills.

When you’re on stage or speaking to an audience, it’s very important to have a strategy and techniques to help you remain calm, present confidently and to help you structure your talk in a way that will help you share your information so that the whole audience is engage with your message, understands it and remembers it.

Grateful audience stage fright away

Find your passion and purpose and share it with the world!

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Stage Fright

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