Life is getting busier for all of us and technology is changing the way we interact. Using Skype, zoom or Google Hangouts, it’s now super easy to have your sessions online.  This is a great way for you to get high-quality help at a time and place that really suits you.  At Stage Fright Away we offer online sessions using many online video calling platforms. It’s face-to-face and one-to-one. There are many advantages: 




We know it works and have been using it since 2010. the sessions take place exactly as they do if you come to a clinic. These are several clinical studies* showing that online therapy works as well as face-to-face therapy and satisfaction among clients is rated as high.


Where ever you are, you can access online therapy, no need to travel, so saving time and money. This is especially is especially important if you are in a remote locations, overseas or perhaps you have restricted mobility or time.


You can access real professional help from the comfort and privacy of your home. Your therapist will also be in a private room with full confidentiality rules applying. And Skype itself is a very secure application.


You’re no longer restricted to local therapists who may not be specialists. You can now access the best help from world leading therapists and clinics.

Services offered at  STAGE FRIGHT AWAY™

  • A personal coaching & training service with  5 x 1 hour long Skype sessions**.  Stage Fright Away™ is a bespoke and personally tailored experience where you get precisely what you need to support and transform your public speaking experience.
  • **The private Skype sessions last for 60 minutes each taking place over a 1 to 2 month period.


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* Clinic studies and articles on the efficacy and use of online video Skype therapy include:
1   University of Zurich: Psychotherapy via internet as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations
2   University of Queensland: A qualitative study of the use of Skype for psychotherapy
3   New York Times: When Your Therapist Is Only A Click Away