How to eliminate Stage Fright Away SpeakEasy Speak easy 5 key skills

How to be Poised Polished and Persuasive Everytime!

How to eliminate stage fright, become a great at public speaking, presenting, performing?

Stage Fright stops you from sharing your skills and talents, stops you from getting your message out there, If you’re a performer, or if you ever have to speak or present in front of a group of people stage fright can kill your motivation, your ambition and your dreams!

How to kill your stage fright DEAD!

I’ve discovered how to eliminate stage fright and there are five key skills you need focus on, in order to become confident, captivating, even celebrated when performing, presenting or speaking in front of your audience. So here are five key skills you need to master – NUMBER 1…

How to eliminate stage fright

Skill #1 is COMMIT  how to eliminate stage fright

how to eliminate stage fright Committed You know that practice makes perfect and to practice you must be committed, But maybe you find practicing boring, or perhaps you do lots of practice and you’re still not getting the results you want.  But did you know there is a right and a wrong way to practice? So really it’s perfect practice makes perfect!

If you don’t commit to practice in the right way then your destined to fail. When you don’t commit you’re stopping your self progressing.  Without commitment it is easy to just give up and decide you can’t change.  Easy to go find something else to do…  this is a distraction tactic, you’re distracting your self from making any real progress.

If you let the fear win, not only are you going to let your self down but if this is affecting your work or your career then you may also let down your family and loved ones. 

Skill #2: CONTROL  how to eliminate stage fright

stage fright Panic attack how to eliminate stage friightBeing on stage or in front of an audience you really need to control your nerves, control your emotional state.

Stage fright is a phobia, a fear that makes you nervous and then you can get easily flustered, and what may begin as butterflies can quickly escalate to nausea, and you might even need to vomit!

Control your emotional state – if not you’ll be discombobulated muddled in your thinking and in your communication, this can lead to stuttering, sweating, shaking in front of your audience, worried what they all think of you – this is called the “spotlight effect” and it seriously increases your embarrassment, leads to further distress and can result in panic – in this state you freeze, sometimes physically, sometimes mental – usually both!

Without the ability to control your emotional state you’ll never want to go near a stage, speak at a meeting or be in front video camera ever again!… the dread can be overwhelming and the terror and aversion to ever doing anything like it again, but even though you try to avoid it we all have to speak infant of groups, or if you passion is in music or acting then you’ll have to kill your dreams!

Stress and fear can lead to all kinds of medical problems, and as stress is the leading cause of disease it’s not only your dreams that might be killed!

Skill #3: COURAGE  how to eliminate stage fright

It takes courage for you to do anything outside your comfort zone, so having stage fright means any public speaking or performing is out of your comfort zone!

Building courage is probably the most important skill when it comes to making the most of your talents and reaching your full potential.

Without courage your performance will be weak, your delivery will be feeble, your message vague, and this encourages doubt and even skepticism in your audience who are then more likely to challenge you… pushing you even further from your comfort zone!

stage fright mind goes blank glossophobia how to eliminate stage frightSome mistakes are inevitable, but many of the ones you make under pressure are not. You have your own version of the “oops” reflex that tends to cause more mistakes. When you dwell in a mistake it increases the likelihood of you making another mistake, and then another, and so on. Building courage will help you recover and show you how to move past these mistakes quickly. 

Skill #4: CONCENTRATION how to eliminate stage fright

Concentration is like a muscle, the more you use and develop it the stronger it becomes.

So just how do you practice and strengthen your concentration when you’re struggling with stage fright, when your thoughts start racing, anxiety begins to build and your mind goes blank (and not in a good way).

Concentrating helps to keep you in this present moment, when your mind wanders to the past worries or to future anxieties this will be apparent to your audience. When you don’t concentrate you become disoriented and confused, and this will confuse your audience. without concentration your mind is scattered and this makes you feel unsettled.

You forget what to do next, forget what you’re supposed to say, even say completely the wrong thing…. All of this creates frustration which simply adds to your sense of disorientation.

You need to learn how to get your focus off you and your nervousness and onto the audience and how you can serve them.

A lack of concentration can create a tendency to dwell on mistakes and imperfections, but that interrupts your focus and takes you out of the moment.
You find yourself repeating things, missing things out and making your message much more complicated and far less interesting for the audience.

You can’t cope or respond well to anything unusual that happens – you know anything you’re not expecting just stresses you out even more.

Skill #5: CONFIDENCE how to eliminate stage fright

Confidence is THE most important ingredient for your success.

Confidence is a quality – and like concentration – confidence will grow, develop and strengthen the more you use it!

But confidence is NOT something you’re born with, it’s NOT out of your control. It is something you can develop with the right skills.

Successful speakers, actors, athletes, singers and musicians take confidence into their own hands, and you can learn how to do the same. To prevent yourself looking and sounding wooden and unnatural, and acting in a way that is nothing like you, to stop yourself not being yourself you need confidence. To be confident you must be present and engaged in what you are doing, this then makes you believable and engaging for the audience, so that they don’t just listen to you but they really hear you.

Without confidence you look uncomfortable in your own skin, get fidgety and restless, become hesitant make mistakes, this triggers the “Oops” reflex and then you make many more mistakes and can get flung into a steep spiral of doubt and despair.

When you are lacking in confidence can stop people trusting you, can make your performance weak and difficult to watch, your audience then get uncertain, uneasy and very uncomfortable. And an uncomfortable audience will add to your own discomfort, causing you more stress and making you doubt your own abilities which can crush any traces of your self-confidence and destroy your self-esteem.

How to Eliminate Stage Fright

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