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  If you’ve watched the video, maybe you’re thinking “well it’s alright for you Marion, because clearly you don’t have stage fright!” Let me tell you a bit about why I’ve created Stage Fright Away and how I can help you…


Access this Powerful Process  SpeakEasy™ From Stage Fright Away For Clearing Fears & Building Confidence. To clear the blocks and transform the fear of public speaking, clear performance anxiety and resolve social phobia. Do you want to find confidence every time you speak?

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I spent years avoiding reading out loud, speaking in public, presenting at meetings, even applauding and cheering at concerts or performances was embarrassing to me. This fear of being in ‘the spotlight’ followed me around like a bad smell! Click

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Life is getting busier for all of us and technology is changing the way we interact. Using Skype, zoom or Google Hangouts, it’s now super easy to have your sessions online.  This is a great way for you to get high-quality

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Mick Slater

Breaking through stage fright was such a powerful experience - I feel happier, I've got a spring in my step, life feels a lot lighter and seems like the world is a friendlier place! It really is like a weight has been lifted and the stage is so much more fun. Marion I can't thank you enough,

Mick Slater is an Estate Agent & Property Manager

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